Below are some of the accomplishments for 2018, including but not limited to:

The two- year Clock Tower Federated  Garden Project  is now in year two and each club has taken a workday as assigned by the project manager.  A Native Fringe Tree was planted along with pollinator plants and native plants.  Many monarchs visited the garden this year.

A community project was carrying Easter Eggs to Hospitality House for Women.

Three Rivers Club enjoyed the 100 daffodils they planted at Sloppy Floyd Park last Fall.

In February, 2018 we met at the Library for our educational meetingRome Federation Educational Program featured the authors of the   new book, Seeking Eden, A collection of Georgia Historic Gardens. The authors are  Staci Catron and Mary Ann Eaddy.  Many members ordered the book and enjoyed the presentation. Book proceeds go toward the Garden Club of Georgia’s Historic Landscape Preservation Grand programs. RFGC made a monetary contribution to that cause.

Arbor Day was celebrated on February 16.  The DAR, Rome Federated Garden Clubs, and City of Rome, Rotarians, Nature Conservancy, and Master Gardeners  participate annually. In 2018 we had  110 people attending. Two hundred trees were planted.  One tree was given to our Junior Garden Club at Montessori School for planting at their school. Rome is a Tree City and received their 28th flag.

One Club sponsors a Youth Club at the Montessori School with 5   meetings per year with each meeting featuring an educational  program pertaining to plants and the environment, examples are edible flowers, fall leaves, hollies, etc .  A new school program was begun this year with the East Central Elementary doing an elevated vegetable garden.  The Saved Seedbook for children was donated to various elementary schools by individual members.

Garden Week in Georgia was celebrated by the Federation  by erecting signs around Rome announcing the Garden Week. The City/County Commissioners did a Proclamation for GCG Week. Federated members held a garden sale to sell garden related items at the Garden Center in order to reach out to the community and have an opportunity to talk about garden club and gardening. Clubs weeded, planted pollinator pots, planted spring plants, attended a  hypertufa pot demonstration. Clubs celebrated the 90th Anniversary of founding of Garden Club of Georgia by enjoying a celebration cake at their meeting. An Article was published  in Rome News-Tribune regarding RFGC celebrating GCG week.

Awards won at GCG: 17 (Each award is named under News Tab of website.)

Awards won at NGC: The Federation received a Certificate of Appreciation from the NGC for our Federated Facts and The Standard of Excellence along with a $50 check.

National Garden Week was celebrated by erecting banners on Broad Street and at the Clock Tower Garden.  Clubs planted, weeded, and spruced up their respective gardens around town. A plant and its identification was placed at the Library and a sign celebrating NGC Week. Some members celebrated GCG's 90th anniversary in Athens, Ga. at the GCG headquarters to conclude NGC week.

Individual clubs’ members entered horticulture in the Coosa Valley Fair and earned   $1160 for their entries.  Those funds are paid to the club’s treasuries.

NGC’s ENVIRONMENTAL SCHOOL , Series VIII, Session I was held in Rome at the ECO Center on October 2-3 with 32 people participating. At the conclusion of the school there was a professionally guided field trip – a tour aboard the Roman Holiday, a riverboat cruise.  A Federation member was Captain of the riverboat.

We ordered 2019 Expression Calendars to support GCG.

Many Federated members attended the Laurel District meeting to support one of our own, Dr. John Barnett, Laurel District Director. Rome Federation was presented with Standard of Excellence, Council of the Year and a $50 check. Three Rivers was Club of the Year.

In October many members toured Marshall Forest as it became a dedicated Old Growth Forest.

Federated Members made Christmas Wreaths to donate to the Tony Warren Cancer Center as a community outreach.  The Center will hold a silent auction to raise funds for the Cancer Crusaders.

Our county has a foster care crisis.  This is a community project since we no longer have the state mental facility to share stockings and eggs with, we now support the Department of Family and Children Services by collecting needed clothing items for children that have just been picked up and have no possessions with them. We do this in November so some items can be used for Christmas for the children.

We collect Coke Cans/Tabs for Ronald McDonald House.

Plants and/or arrangements are placed in the Library  by the clubs of the Federation. Clubs  take two-week  turns and identify the plant by name as a donation by The Rome Federated Garden Clubs. 

Educational Programs at our individual club meetings, include programs on  hydrangea care,  iris care, Lenten rose, and many other plants;   trips to native selling landscape store; presentation by City Arborist;  growing herbs and cooking with them; visits to Demonstration Garden at Chieftain Museum, floral design; visiting  a members’ vineyard; pruning program  by County Agent; beekeeping, and others.

Educational programs at Jr. Garden Club included, Pumpkins; Fall leaves; Hollies; Herbs & greenhouses; Butterflies and insect life cycles; Flowers, seeds and nuts; Dirt, decomposers and compost.

Each Federation meeting has an educational presentation by Georgia Burns, Environmental Concerns Committee Chairman, about pertinent problems in our area.

Wild and Wonderful Youth Camp.  One Club sponsored a child to attend the Wild and Wonderful Camp of GCG.


Member of the Rome Federated Garden Clubs
Community Project 2017-2019
Jennifer Kearns/Paige Swiger Chairwomen

Fall 2018 at the Clock Tower Garden is looking much better than Fall, 2017!  Most  of the invasive weeds have been removed, some of the shrubs have been moved to better places,  and the garden is thriving with new pollinating flowers.   I hope you saw the profusion of Monarch butterflies on the butterfly bush.  On December 5, five Seven Hills Garden Club Members put the garden to bed for the winter with fresh pine straw.  Thanks to Terry Paige, our Rome City Arborist for delivering 25 bales of pine straw the morning of December 5.

There are no immediate chores so we will wait and see in January what needs to be done.  A schedule, grouping three Federation Garden Clubs at a time, will be organized for February, March, April and May, to be presented by Jennifer Kearns at the January Federation meeting.  We hope to have the City Dedication of the garden on April 10.  Also, V3 Magazine has said that they would like to feature an article on the Clock Tower Federation Garden project in the April issue. Thanks to all who have labored, planted seeds and contributed plants and funds.  Unrealized are the friendships and knowledge gained among fellow garden club members as well as providing a welcoming entrance to our famous landmark, the Clock Tower.

The Rosalind Carter Butterfly Trail application is being prepared and expected to be granted in the coming year.


Member of the Rome Federated Garden Clubs
Community Project 2017-2019
Jennifer Kearns/Paige Swiger Chairwomen

We are  delighted that Seven Hills has been given the federation project this year. After viewing a few garden opportunities in the city, we have decided that the Clock Tower garden needs some attention as it is a most visited historic site in Rome.

 After meeting with master gardeners, Ruth Forrester and Nelly Luthi, we are ready to prepare the weeding and planting this fall.  Mary Hardin Thornton put me in touch with Alice Towe the student who designed and planted the garden under the support of her instructor, Shannen Ferry, Georgia Northwestern Technical College.  As you will recall, Alice received the 2015 GNTC GOAL award for her work, and has shared her experience with this garden around the state.   Alice has represented Rome well in Georgia!

The bones of the garden are strong, the terrace and steps are sturdy and beautifully in place.  It will require some stones to finish the sidewalk border, some pruning of overgrown bushes, addition of native plants, and mulch.  The area has full afternoon southwest sun.  Native and pollinator type plants will thrive and survive under these hot conditions.   Please look at your summer natives and consider potting them for planting at the clock tower garden.  Upon completion, this garden will be noticed immediately by visitors to the southwest parking lot and will be a tribute to the horticulture experience of Rome gardeners and educators.

We are fortunate to  have 15 Berry students who will come on August 26 to start weeding, digging and pruning.  The knockout roses have rosette disease and must be removed.  The invasive butterfly bush needs to have the seed pods removed.  Small trees have come up in the garden.  Invasive vines have to be pulled up.

Seven Hills is in the process of organizing a committee but this project will require involvement from all clubs.  I hope that you can donate your time, plants, money, etc., to make this garden a prize winner once again.  Please email Jennifer Kearns, for more information.

See the pictures of the present condition of this Clock Tower garden below.  


2015 - 2017

Thistle Garden Club
Member of the Rome Federated Garden Clubs
Community project 2015-2017
Barbara Ivy/ Nancy Davis Chairmen

The project is the construction of a meditation/serenity garden  located on the lower entrance to Myrtle Hill Cemetery and to the upper right of the Mausoleum.

The garden is a Vision of John Schultz.  The design envisions a thematic approach with ties to our beautiful and interesting city.  Seven berms will represent the seven hills:  Myrtle, Mount Aventine, Old Shorter Hill, Clock Tower, Lumpkin, Blossom and Jackson.  Winding pebbled paths will represent the three rivers:  Oostanaula, Etowah, and the Coosa. 

The city of Rome and John Schultz will provide the hardscapes, benches, plantings, and labor. Other plant materials will be donated by interested parties. Thistle and the member clubs of the Rome Federated Garden Clubs will be responsible for providing the Seven Hills of Rome plaques or sign-age for each berm.  Memorial pavers will be available for sale to the public.





Continuing Projects:

Collection of Pull tabs and crushed soda cans for Ronald McDonald House.

Litter Critter Puppet Show:  Present a Video to teach Conservation and Recycling to Elementary School Children.

  “Ban Plastic Bags” Special Project of Past GCG President Suzanne Wheeler
    Membership Brochures

Blue Star Marker

The Blue Star Memorial Program honors service men and women who have served, are serving or will be serving in the armed services of the United States. In 1945, the National Council of State Garden Clubs (now National Garden Clubs, Inc.) adopted the program started in New Jersey and began a Blue Star Highway system, which covers thousands of miles across the Continental United States, Alaska and Hawaii. A large metal Blue Star Memorial Highway Marker was placed at appropriate locations along the way. Memorial Markers and By-Way Markers are placed at locations such as national cemeteries, parks, veteran's facilities and gardens. The Blue Star became an icon in World War II and was seen on flags and banners in homes for sons and daughters away at war, as well as in churches and businesses.

Georgia garden clubs have been especially active in recent years, raising money to erect Blue Star Markers throughout our state to honor our military personnel.


The Rome Federated Garden Clubs, Inc. strongly supports the Blue Star Program.
A listing of clubs, their garden sites and markers location follows:

The Federated Garden Clubs, Inc. located at the Garden Center at 100 E. 8th Street Sponsored by Seven Hills Garden Club.

Camellia Garden Club located at the exit of Heritage Park on Second Avenue

Lavender View Garden Club located at the intersection of Garden Lakes Blvd and Shoreline Drive

Mountain View Garden Club located at Myrtle Hill  in South Rome

Seven Hills Garden Club  located at Sara Hightower Regional Library

Spade and Trowel Garden Club located at the intersection of Second Avenue and Turner McCall Boulevard

Thistle Garden Club located at Rotary Park, 1st Ave. and 6th Ave.

Three Rivers Garden Club located on Jackson Hill at the Rome Visitors Center

Townview Garden Club located at the corner of Broad Street and 5th Ave

Rome Federation of Garden Clubs Rome, GA 12/7/1997 Government Plaza, Floyd Co Courthouse,