1. You will enjoy interesting and varied programs at meetings, while expanding your knowledge of gardening, the      environment and floral design.
  2. You will socialize with others with similar interests, exchange ideas, and develop friendships.
  3. You will have the ability to hold your club meetings at the Garden Center or your home.
  4. You will be able to participate in civic beautification.
  5. You will be able to participate in a Flower Show at the Coosa Valley Fair.
  6. You will be able to join with others to impact legislative issues, such as less tree cutting.
  7. You will receive the award-winning quarterly publication, Garden Gateways. This publication contains news of the state  organization and member clubs, announcements for various seminars, and plenty of garden-related information.
  8. You will be a member of your Laurel District which implements the State program on a local level in your area.
  9. There is a District meeting held each Fall which you can attend.
  10. You are invited to attend the annual convention of our organization each spring as it rotates locations through Georgia. You will be invited to attend educational opportunities such as flower show schools, environmental education, etc.
  11. The greatest benefit of all will be your endless opportunities for personal growth and knowledge.
  12. Take the first step in a worthwhile journey …COME JOIN US TODAY.
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